Friday highlights:
Full day with Kate Malleson and Colleagues exploring accessibility and diversity
Full day with John Teasdale exploring the understanding of the difference between mindfulness and awakening
Half day with Ken Lunn exploring record keeping and data management
Evening activities: Research Presentations

Saturday highlights:
Keynote from Larissa Duncan - The Heart of the Mindfulness Movement: Cultivating Caring and Connection from Families to Society
Keynote from Willoughby Britton - Meditation-Related Difficulties: Building Competency
Evening activities: Ceilidh Music and Dance

Sunday highlights:
Day of Practice with Rebecca Crane and Willem Kuyken
Evening activities: Welsh Choir followed by pre-dinner talk from Jon Kabat-Zinn

Monday highlights:
Keynote from Gregor Henderson - Public Policy and Mindfulness
Keynote Symposium by Willem Kuyken and Paul Gilbert - Mindfulness & Compassion
Evening activities: Research Poster Evening
Cultivating well-being: Perspectives from affective and contemplative neuroscience by Richie Davidson

Tuesday highlights: Full day with Paul Gilbert exploring evolutionary models underpinning compassion focused therapy
Full day with Diane Reibel & Don McCown exploring the pedagogy in the MBIs
Full day with Willoughby Britton exploring meditation-related difficulties: building competency

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